Rapid Complete Urinalysis (UTI) Testing While You Wait – $49

Our Rapid Complete Urinalysis (UTI) Test is a fast, easy and accurate way to test for the presence of urinary tract infections. It detects the presence of leukocytes, nitrates, blood and glucose, as well as measuring urobilinogen, protein, pH, specific gravity, ketones and bilirubin. In only 15 minutes, this test can provide valuable information about your bladder and kidney health that would normally require an appointments with a doctor.

This rapid urinalysis test can be incredibly helpful in determining whether or not there is actually an UTI present in those who have the following symptoms:

  • A strong urge to urinate that will not go away
  • Burning or painful urination
  • Urinating often, but only passing small amounts of urine
  • Cloudy or discolored urine
  • Strong-smelling urine
  • Cramping or pressure in the groin, pelvis or lower abdomen

If the UTI has progressed to the kidneys, you may also experience symptoms like:

  • Back or flank pain
  • Fever
  • Shaking or chills
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting

Additionally, this test can be used to monitor patients who have already been diagnosed with an infection or other issues related to their urinary tract health; changes in any of these parameters could indicate a need for further testing or changes in treatment protocol.

Rapid Complete Urinalysis (UTI) Test


Usually in about 15 minutes.

Not required. Drive-ups and walk-ins welcome.

Doctor’s Orders:
Not required.

About this Rapid Urine Test

This Rapid Complete Urinalysis (UTI) Test uses a small sample of urine to aid in the diagnosis and monitoring of metabolic or systemic diseases that affect kidney function, endocrine disorders and diseases or disorders of the urinary tract and urinary tract infections (UTIs). It detects leukocytes, nitrates, blood and glucose and measures urobilinogen, protein, pH, specific gravity, ketones and bilirubin.

If this rapid diagnostic test detects the presence of leukocytes, nitrates, blood or glucose, it may mean the patient’s urinary tract is CURRENTLY infected. Once the infection is gone, these will be undetectable, and the test will likely be negative.

If this test measures outside of the normal parameters for urobilinogen, protein, pH, specific gravity, ketones and bilirubin, it may mean the patient’s urinary tract is CURRENTLY infected. Once the infection is gone, these will return to normal, and the test will be negative.

This test results may also provide information about carbohydrate metabolism, kidney function, acid-base balance and bacteriuria.

A positive test is considered very accurate, but it’s possible to be infected and have a negative result. No urinalysis is 100% accurate. Negative results do not preclude a urinary tract infection and should not be used as the sole basis for treatment for symptomatic patients.

This test is suitable for humans of any age who are able to urinate into a cup.

We utilize the McKesson Consult Urinalysis Test for the semi-quantitative detection of the following analytes in urine: glucose, bilirubin, ketone (acetoacetic acid), specific gravity, pH, blood, protein, urobilinogen, leukocytes and ascorbic acid as well as the qualitative detection of nitrite.

How Urine Testing Works

No appointment is required for a urine test in Las Vegas or Henderson. Walk-ins only.

  • Enter lab. To slow the spread in Southern Nevada, all vaccinated and unvaccinated guests are required to wear a face mask while inside our laboratory.
  • Check in with a lab tech by giving them your name.

If you choose to wait in your car, you may receive a print out of your results in as little as 15 minutes. Otherwise, you will receive an email when your test results are available in our Patient Portal, usually in about 15 minutes, but typically by the end of the day.

Self-ordered, Self-paid UTI Test Results FAST

At IC Labs, we allow you to take control of your health by providing laboratory tests without doctor’s orders. This not only allows you to choose the tests that are right for you but also ensures that you receive quick results. We understand that waiting days or weeks for lab test results is inconvenient and can be a source of anxiety, which is why we strive to provide fast results so that you can get answers quickly. Our self-pay lab testing is designed to make medical care accessible and affordable regardless of insurance coverage or high deductibles.

Unlike many other medical laboratories, IC Labs offers results in as little as 15 minutes and even less if you choose to wait. When your results are ready, they are sent directly to you instead of your physician so you get them faster. Our goal is to give every patient access to quality healthcare and peace of mind through fast yet affordable laboratory testing. We have designed our services with convenience in mind and believe that everyone should be able to receive reliable lab test results in a timely manner without breaking the bank.

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